Otogi Frontier, a full-fledged RPG based on fairy tales, releases a new character drawn by famous illustrator Yaegashi Minami!

Otogi Frontier, which is offered through the online game platform DMM GAMES, will release a new character drawn by the famous illustrator Yaegashi Minami.



Stamp Gacha!
Newly drawn by famous illustrator Yaegashi Minami, “Melos” will become a companion!

◆Exhibition Period

February 10, 2020 – February 28, 2020


V-tubers were born in Otogi Frontier!
Otogi Frontier first! Melos is now available as a V-tube!

▼【ASMR】Otogi Frontier – Running Melos Arc

▼【ASMR】Humans and Practice Edition

▼【ASMR】Otogi Frontier Human and Sleeping Together Edition

▼【ASMR】Otogi Frontier Human Mischief Edition


Celebrating the birth of V-tubers! Free 10-round giveaway to confirm ★5!
To commemorate the birth of the V-tubers, we are holding a “One Time Only! 10 Free Ticket Gacha to Celebrate the Birth of the V-tubers”, where each person can draw 10 consecutive ticket stacks of ★5.
Turn in and join the Otoginokuni character during this period!

◆Exhibition Period

February 10, 2020 – Friday, February 28