We held an induction ceremony for the new 2020 graduates!

Nice to meet you all!
I’m Miyu.

I would like to tell you about the induction ceremony for the 2020 graduates held on April 6!

This year, the nine new graduates joined KMS! !

At the ceremony, we received words of encouragement from the president and messages from senior employees.
I was impressed by how eagerly everyone listened.

The president also presented business cards to the new employees, and each of the new employees who received the cards expressed their commitment to KMS.

I want to make KMS bigger!
I want to grow with the company!

And so many other aspirations, it’s encouraging!

All of us are very happy to have a unique and fresh newcomer to the company! !

Together with our new colleagues, we will work together as a team to push forward.
Thank you for your continued support.

Recruitment continues!
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