PUBG Official PUBG Tournament “PJS WINTER INVITATIONAL 2019” sponsored by DMM GAMES

The Company is pleased to announce its support for PUBG’s official tournament, “PJS WINTER INVITATIONAL 2019,” which was held on Sunday, December 29, 2019, hosted by DMM GAMES.

I was able to go and watch the game in person, and I’ll be happy to report on the day’s exciting atmosphere!

First of all, the event was held at the Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel.
Today, I watched PUBG’s heated battle.

I’m watching esports for the first time.

As soon as I entered the venue, I saw many visitors.
And some of them were in cosplay… I couldn’t help but snap a photo!
That’s a grin on my face, too.

As soon as you walk in,

Even before the start of the game, there were already a lot of people in attendance and there was already a lot of enthusiasm and excitement!

Unfortunately, photography was not allowed during the game, so I’m sorry that I can’t show you how the game progressed in real time, but there was a lot of cheering and applause as the game progressed in real time.

There were many tense moments, some of which made our hands sweat!
I’m thrilled as if I were playing.

When you beat the last one, the enthusiasm and excitement in the hall is at an all-time high!
The words “WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!” were also displayed on the monitor, further adding to the excitement of the venue.

An award ceremony was also held after the game, where the winning team received cash prizes and an overflow of applause from the audience.

There were introductions of sponsors, and the KMS logo was among the so companies!
I was very impressed.

This was my first time watching esports, and I was surprised at how much excitement there was.
Battle Royale type games are easy to watch and understand, and after watching the games in person.
This was my first taste of esports fun.

I’d definitely watch the next one again!